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Our Gurus

Earlier this year we started interviewing Miami Gurus, local experts who have carved out a niche in their area of expertise and are contributing to Miami’s growth as a truly multi-cultural global city. 

We are always on the look-out for talented professionals and ask them to tell us their story. We talk to them about the city, their dreams of coming here, and we get to know where they hang out, eat, shop, party, and play. We personally check out all the recommended places first, so you know that all City Life GuruTips ™ are worth your time and wallet. No algorithms, no fake reviews.

Meet the Gurus.

Culture & Arts

  • Dante’s HiFi

    Dante’s HiFi

    IN OUR OPINION, one of the greatest things to hit Miami during this “vinyl culture” movement is Dante’s HiFi.


  • Fountainhead Residency

    Fountainhead Residency

    A MIAMI BASED ARTS RESIDENCY organization founded in 2008 by Kathryn and Dan…


  • Kampong Garden

    Kampong Garden

    IN THE PAST FEW YEARS Coconut Grove has gone through a revitalization and thousands of people who…


Restaurants & Bars

  • Sapore Di Mare

    Sapore Di Mare

    Here is something about Sapore di Mare, an authentic family-owned Italian and seafood…


  • Walrus Rodeo

    Walrus Rodeo

    IT IS EASY to love Walrus Rodeo – from the artistry of the work line in front of the wood…


  • Paradis Books and Bread

    Paradis Books and Bread

    STARTED BY A GROUP of friends that migrated from New York City, Paradis Books is aptly named…



  • Ahana Yoga

    Ahana Yoga

    WHEN WE FIRST MET Dawn at her studio Ahana in the Design District we learned Ahana means “light of day”…


  • Anahata Eco Yoga Retreats

    Anahata Eco Yoga Retreats

    MEET Adriana Vergara and Shayne Cohen, co-founders of Anahata Yoga. Both originally from Colombia, they were passing through Miami over 20 years ago…


  • Breathe Pilates Miami

    Breathe Pilates Miami

    TUCKED AWAY on the side of the Antiques Plaza on Biscayne Boulevard is a beautiful boutique Pilates studio with a devoted following. We …



  • iFresh Market

    iFresh Market

    THIS AMAZING ASIAN mega-mart is where you can find live blue crabs or lobsters, Chinese cauliflower, Korean…


  • Jenna White

    Jenna White

    THIS IS A HIGH-END, sophisticated boutique in South Miami where the “real shoppers go”…


  • Midtown Garden Center

    Midtown Garden Center

    IN THE MIDDLE of busy Midtown is a garden of greenery that is the Midtown Garden Center. Stroll through the large indoor plant section and…


When Locals Want To Find New Things To Do In Miami, This Is Where They Come.

  • At City Life Guru we go first.

    We are curiosity addicts who are always looking for the unconventional, unknown, and yet high-quality alternatives to the so common top 10 to do lists. So, you can skip the tourist traps and enjoy the outright favorite spots of the real insiders…


About Us

  • Alison Davis and Michelle Roth Maloy

    Co-founders of City Life Guru, they met in their 20s in Argentina and quickly became travel companions. Every weekend they explored markets, galleries, restaurants, and bars uncovering unique places….