When Locals Wants To Find New Things To Do In Miami, This is Where They Come.

We are curiosity addicts who are always looking for the unconventional, unknown, and yet high-quality alternatives to the so common top 10 to do lists. So, you can skip the tourist traps and enjoy the outright favorite spots of the real insiders. We find the current Miami Shapers©, people who are adding to the multi-cultural nature of this everchanging city. We talk to them about the city, their dreams of coming here, and we get to know where they hang out, eat, shop, sleep, party, and play. We personally check out all the recommended places first, so you know that all City Life Guru Tips are worth your time and wallet. No algorithms, no fake reviews.

From epicurean adventures to must-see sights, our unique and memorable recommendations are your one-stop source to experiencing many of Miami’s best neighborhoods … like a local. Our vibe is gourmet food, street art, hidden gems, wellness, history, architecture, wine… all experiences that separate the curious wanderers from the tourists.

City Life Guru was created for locals and visitors alike. Our goal is to give you sophisticated and tailored options which we have personally vetted for you. Know that we are never paid by or for any of our recommendations. From a kid-friendly, healthy restaurant to a vegan Michelin star night out, we give you recommendations from locals who are “in the know” to lead you in the right direction.