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  • Art Deco District

    Art Deco District

    Guru Guide – Art Deco District Ever wonder why real estate developers haven’t been able to take over the Art Deco District? Or how Ocean Drive


  • Little Haiti

    Little Haiti

    So many of our Gurus recommended places they loved in Little Haiti that we decided to create a neighborhood guide. Located in an area


  • Miami Shores

    Miami Shores

    Our very first guru’s recommendation of a Gastrobar in Miami Shores was met with a resounding Y A W N… but this is not your


  • Summer Camps

    Summer Camps

    Our top 10 summer camp list grew… good luck choosing from our 30 amazing choices. We have done the research and found a list of unique


  • The Redlands

    The Redlands

    Everyone loves a good trip down to the Everglades for an airboat ride and alligator sightings, but we have news for you…


  • Upper East Side

    Upper East Side

    The Upper East Side neighborhood runs roughly from 50th Street to 77th Street along Biscayne Boulevard…