DAWN Feinberg

The Bhakti Guru

When we first met Dawn at her studio Ahana – in the Miami Design District, we learned Ahana means “light of day”. This is fitting as her 3,700 square foot space feels filled with light, energy, and promise – just like Dawn. She passionately described her practice of “bhakti” meaning love and devotion. For her and her students, it is not just a physical practice; yes, it is a cardio class to sweat, burn calories, and tone the body, but it also stimulates the mind and intellect with music and philosophical teachings. Students leave her unique and deeply spiritual classes feeling younger, fitter, and stronger and longing for class the following day. Dawn is a wife and a mom of two kids with a full and busy life. She is devoted to bringing her teachings and spirituality to the community – providing access to people from all walks of life.

Watch Dawn’s video and learn about how she came to Miami, how her mentor helped her establish the first studio in the Design District, and her Pandemic “aha” moments.

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