KATHRYN Mikesell

Art Ambassador Guru

It is hard not to get excited about Miami’s art scene when you listen to Kathryn Mikesell. She founded Fountainhead Arts in 2008 with her husband Dan Mikesell. Since then over 500 artists representing 48 countries have lived and worked at their residency. We became members a few years ago and what we cherish most of our membership is that every month we meet three accomplished artists and get a master class in how they have arrived at the style and technique they use to create their work. Lately Kathryn has taken Fountainhead on the road and we travelled with her to New Orleans, Bentonville and Buenos Aires. Even though we had been several times to some of these cities, Kathryn is a master in travel curation and plans each trip from various perspectives. From private collections, to museum and gallery tours with curators to studio visits with artists, you come away with a deeper understanding of the city’s artist community. 

We are joining the Fountainhead trip this November to Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Oman. Next year she is planning a trip to South Africa in February and Turkey in September. Watch our interview with Kathryn to see how she has perfected her selection process of artists for her residency and how the residency gives them a true immersion in the Miami art scene so that they come away with a lifetime of connections and a love for our city. 

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