Alison Davis and Michelle Roth Maloy

Co-founders of City Life Guru, they met in their 20s in Argentina and quickly became travel companions. Every weekend they explored markets, galleries, restaurants, and bars uncovering unique places.

Michelle returned to her hometown of Miami a few years later and continued her law career becoming an Assistant State Attorney and then a defense attorney. Alison’s advertising career took her to New York, Singapore, Indonesia and eventually to Miami. 

Together again they continued their love of exploring and discovering the many neighborhoods of this fast-growing city. They soon realized they were on to something.

By speaking to local experts and getting their recommendations of upcoming events and local businesses they frequent, they realized that they could uncover the unique, multicultural stories of each neighborhood.

It is a simple idea, if you are interested in art – we ask artists the shows they will be attending; if you like ethnic food, we ask chefs where they eat after hours. By talking to experts in every field we uncover exhibits, restaurants, fairs, that don’t have the advertising dollars to get noticed and don’t make it to the typical top 10 lists.

Miami is not just glitz and glamour –you just need locals who are “in the know” to lead you in the right direction.

The City Life Guru team is out there bringing you incredible experiences, making you live cultural anecdotes and have a great and authentic time in Miami.

Because we know, that is what you came for.