The Fashion Guru

Meet Jenna White Kaplan, owner of Jenna White, a high-end, sophisticated boutique in South Miami where “the real shoppers go”. Jenna was just 20 years old when she came up with the concept for her store Jenna White. It started out as a jewelry store, but after 6 months she realized she had a talent and flare for buying clothing and designer home goods as well.

Within a year, Jenna White had built a significant local clientele and was quickly becoming a household name in the area. After almost 20 years, it still is. Jenna says her success has come from the unique relationship she has with her clients. Some started shopping at Jenna White in middle school and now come in with their own children. She does her own buying and is able to personally style her clients, because she can relate to them. Honesty is her policy …” I only let them walk out of my store looking perfect”.

Watch her whole interview to hear about her nightmare first job in fashion, her obsessions with vintage Chanel bags, fabulous travel planning, and upcoming trunk shows. 

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