Shayne Cohen & Andrea Vergara

The Wellness Gurus

Adriana Vergara and Shayne Cohen, co-founders of Anahata Yoga, have witnessed as Miami has become one of the foremost cities in the country for wellness. Wellness, however, is not just about fitness or having a bikini body anymore. People are looking for experiences to transform their spiritual life, to give themselves a chance to retreat. Shayne and Adriana teach yoga at the Glassbox in Ironside, but Anahata is not simply a studio with 4 walls. It is a lifestyle: yoga practice, monthly workshops and mediations, retreats (abroad or here in Miami), teacher trainings, and bringing wellness into corporate Miami.

Their sold out 4-day retreats are both a wellness experience and a cultural immersion. Beginners are welcome as they have teachers that guide every person to their own level and their own personal practice. Anahata also has local day retreats if you can’t get away. Shayne described how in a place like The Sacred Space, when taken out of your city for just one day, you tap into divinity and understand that once you learn how to find stillness, then you can harvest peace. 

Watch the interview to find out about their retreat in Santa Marta, where they connected with the women indigenous tribes, and how Shayne and Adriana invite people from the wellness community to share their experiences, practices, and products.

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