The Foodie Guru

Meet the self-described Chief Eating Officer and influencer, Taylor Dante, creator of @taystytravels. She has thousands of devoted followers who eagerly await videos of her trying a new restaurant, making recipes, or sharing adventures in a new city. In a genre with so many accounts to follow, what brought her success? In each of her posts she immerses you in the experience – it is a proverbial feast for the eyes and ears. From the playful shots of mouthwatering goodies to the perfect songs complimenting each scene, Taylor’s smile and visible enjoyment draws you into her experience. She takes you into the kitchens where you watch the chefs and the action behind the scenes, giving glimpses into the creative processes.  Most of all, watching Taylor dig in so joyfully, you know if you were there, you would have to ask for a bite of whatever she is tasting!  It is about the food, but also the process, the setting, the people she meets, and the places she goes.

Watch Taylor’s video to find her tips on great cuisine in North Miami and hear about her partnership with Papa Johns and adventures like eating a 24K burger.

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