MEET MIXED-MEDIA ARTIST Vickie Pierre. Born and raised in Brooklyn, she left in 1997 with her art education and experience and moved to South Beach looking for a more affordable lifestyle.

She began her career in a small space in what then was one of the premier spots for budding artists – the Art Center on Lincoln Road. Today, she is a nationally exhibited artist, and she invited us into her studio at The Fountainhead Studios in the Little River District (which closed in December). When we walked in, we were mesmerized by her work – bejeweled, abstract shapes and forms covered the walls.

Every surface area was covered with found objects – cut outs of flowers and foliage, Art Deco wrapping papers, vintage jewelry and clippings from nature and interior design. Her work is a stunning expression of her experiences, her Caribbean heritage, and her cultural and political views. 

Click on her video to hear about Wynwood when only roosters were roaming its unpaved streets and her recommendations of unique markets and restaurants in Miami.