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Fox’s Lounge

MIAMI HAS PLENTY of history if you’re interested in learning about it, but with so much new coming here, it can be overlooked. Randy Alonso and his partner Chris Hudnell of Lost Boy & Co. brought us back a piece of Miami history after it had been closed for 7 long years – the Miami institution, Fox’s Lounge. Like his other projects, Randy’s goal in opening Fox’s Lounge was to honor Miami, and this being one of its locals’ favorites – he succeeded. Fox’s has the same décor, the same menu, and the same cocktails. It is like stepping back in time when you walk in and have to adjust your eyes to the darkness. We sat in one of the red booths and ordered a martini (with their signature sidecar), steak tidbits and a decadent grilled cheese. The place is legendary. They say relationships were made and broken at Fox’s.

And we saw they kept the old payphone on the wall – the one that the Dallas Cowboys owner was told to call to find then UM Coach Jimmy Johnson to offer him the head coach position. 

6030 S Dixie Hwy