Anahata Eco Yoga Retreats

MEET Adriana Vergara and Shayne Cohen, co-founders of Anahata Yoga. Both originally from Colombia, they were passing through Miami over 20 years ago and never left. Together they have witnessed a transformation as Miami has become one of the foremost cities for wellness in the US. 

Adriana and Shayne had been living in Miami for years but had never met – Adriana a busy art dealer and Shayne in retail fashion – they finally came together (in the parking lot after a yoga class) from different places in life but with the same desire to create group retreats in beautiful locations for a mind-body wellness experience and cultural immersion. Their first retreat was planned in the beginning of 2020, but Covid had other plans. They thought their dream was over…but the opposite happened. Adriana and Shayne began doing mediation and yoga sessions by zoom 7 days a week – over 8 months – friends told friends and more friends to join and Anahata Yoga was born. Adriana and Shayne watched their community grow into what it has become today, a strong group of people who have the same purpose to transform their spiritual life through monthly workshops, mediations, retreats, trainings, and yoga. 

Anahata is not a studio with 4 walls. They do teach yoga classes Monday through Friday mornings at the Glassbox Studio in Ironside, but Anahata moves around, doing workshops across Miami, teacher trainings at the gorgeous Sacred Space, day-long and week-long retreats, corporate wellness, and more. They shine the light on people in Miami doing special wellness work and invite them to join. You do NOT have to be an experienced yogi to share in their retreats. It is more than yoga; it is the whole wellness experience. 

7520 NE 4th Ct

  (305) 615-7776